Thursday, 3 December 2009

Check this place out if your up in Aberdeen!

Just a wee note : This is the only place to be in aberdeen if your an arty type of person or if you just want a really really good coffee! go here! Its in Aberdeen on little Belmont street in the centre of town. I have spent many a day painting and drawing here without being bothered whilst enjoying the cool music and friendly faces that make up kilau. What u waiting for GO! :)

Thankyou x

your not alone

Something bad happened in my life recently. So as usual i drew a picture to try and vent it. I don't usually show the pictures i draw when feeling upset but i quite liked this one.
This picture is about someone close to me who has lost there way for now and is finding it hard to know that people around them care about them.

Work in Progress Exibition

For the work in Progress Exhibition at Duncan of Jordanstone school of art in the Matthew Gallery i and my fellow classmates have each made work to exhibit. Our works are based on our personal projects we have been following this semester. 

I have chosen to work on an children's picture book.
The title of my book is called 'Florien.'
The story is about a tightrope walker juggler who 
is scared of heights and cant really juggle very well.
Below i have posted up some images from my book. Mediums used are all water colours and photoshop for the text and integration of the sky's in the backgrounds. 

Thank you for reading and viewing! more work on the way! 

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Children's School Desk, artists book.

I found this little children's school desk at the recycle centre in Dundee. Its just exactly the same as the one my dad found for me when i was a little girl. I would spend hours drawing at it, so i thought i might use it as part of my project for my 4th year self initiated project. I am currently working on an artists book looking at the the concepts of:

 what 'home' is to different people? 

why some people move around a lot and some don't?

What is home to you?

how many places have you lived?

feel free to comment on these questions. Thank you! :) 

Any 4 for £5

Im sure this isn't meant to be literal...saw it in Dundee on Perth Road and had to take a picture.

Quentin Blake drawing day at the DCA.

Piece: Smiley face
Media: Posca pen on vinyl 

I just popped into the DCA on the 10th of Oct. a good while ago now, to see what was going on and what it was all about. It was the Quentin Blake Drawing day at the DCA in Dundee. I ended up becoming entranced with some lovely jazz, dub,1920's stuff and other lovely French hip hop delights being provided by some Dj's on the decks.
I drew on some paper then this vinyl. It was great fun! Lots of kids and adults got involved which was lovely to see.

Rae out :)

Sunday, 11 October 2009

wild things uhhhu.

I found this lovely costume that was blogged up on Shiny Squirrel blog.
 Its a heap of cool where the wild things are costumes which i found quite cool. Makes me want to dress up as Max for Halloween...hmm making a costume sounds fun.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

The philipines.

The Philippines!

Sorry ive not put up anything in a while, I've been a bit busy with my dissertation and also being away on holiday. Some pictures of my adventures.

A dog that i met in cavete. It was a really hot day and near the end of the trip.

Topher and his Calamancie Juice, its a really nice citrus drink.

A man hard at work flagging people down to get on the bus.

Relaxing until the next fare in his side car.

A Jeepnie! Famous in the Philippines! this one is in manila. It costs around 7 peso's for a trip to where ever your stop is. Thats around 7 pence more or less in £'s.

These are some images from the Green belt in the Japanese gardens in Central Manila in the Business district of Makati. It was really beautiful there.

Tim's Dad Mark Courtney looking out from manila bay Gardens at a big thunder and Lightning storm rolling over Makati.

Food! was sooo yummy. This wasn't my plate, but i had to take a picture. Chicken and Pork Adobo was my favourite with sticky rice.

A view from a park we visited with Tim's family. It was called Tagaytay park and it looked out over a series of  island.

Rae Rae ken! - fit like min! Aberdonian coming out there.

A Beautiful old Spanish Building near the fort of Intramourous. (I think that i spelt that wrong) it was beautiful there lots of old very Spanish architecture.  

Manila Bay Gardens Condo where we stayed.

On the plane on the way to Amsterdam before i got Travel Sick.

Ok bye bye for now. Some drawing of the Philippines coming soon :)

Friday, 24 July 2009

Where the Wild things are.

A while ago now i was made aware that 'where the wild things are' illustrated and written by Maurice Sendak is being made into a film. Im so excited about seeing it finished and worried about this also. The trailer looks lovely but I'm worried that it may loose some of essence of the book that so many people like my self love. I'm hoping that it is a success and that the film is as lovely as the trailer suggest.

you can watch the trailer here - 'Where the Wild things are'

See what you think about it :)

Friday, 17 July 2009

Finally got a flicker! yey!

Hello again. I finally got myself a wee flicker account. Thought it was about time too. I'm going to start putting the majority of my work up on that and bits and bobs on here.

This is Matthew Castle. 
Media : Pencil and coloured pencil.
this image is now one my Flicker account with soon to be other new images also.

thank you for reading :)
 you can get to it via here:

Monday, 13 July 2009

summer pictures and things.

Hello! :)  Sorry I've not written anything on my blog for a while I've been a bit busy with trying to get my dissertation on track. Over the last 2 months or so off and on I've managed to take some pictures of things I've enjoyed.

the Flying Scotsman steam train ( i think) in Dundee.

Ice-creams with my flatmates from the Marble slab ice-cream parlour. Yum!

Muffins that i made. Not bad for my first time.

Rain on the camera lens.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

drawings and things

life drawings.

ink,pastel and masking tape on an old box.

My summer project from last year...not nearly done. Its based on a child's escape from reality because of the the sins Gluttony and sloth which effected there growth. The outcome was that they developed the virtues of hope and Faith.

doodle of a wee kid with a flower.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Entrails Zeine

This was the cover of the new Entrails Zeine  issue 3 , released in the 1st of may 2009. Made in Aberdeen. 

I bumped into my freind Al recently who told me all about his new Zeine project that he is currently working on and we got chatting at a scabby Aberdonian bus stop. I asked him if i could maybe put work in and Al agreed he would take a look at this blog. To my absolute delight i saw my Illustration appear along side many other talented and inspiring individuals works. My illustration sat on page 13 along side the Very Talented Lizzy Stewart - one of my favourite illustrators so im feeling rather happy at the minute with that.

thankyou to all working with Entrails im very grateful to have contributed and i appreciate all the hard work that went into creating this issue its ace! keep up the good work! 

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Blues bears

This is a present i made for someone i know who plays the Harmonica.