Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Children's School Desk, artists book.

I found this little children's school desk at the recycle centre in Dundee. Its just exactly the same as the one my dad found for me when i was a little girl. I would spend hours drawing at it, so i thought i might use it as part of my project for my 4th year self initiated project. I am currently working on an artists book looking at the the concepts of:

 what 'home' is to different people? 

why some people move around a lot and some don't?

What is home to you?

how many places have you lived?

feel free to comment on these questions. Thank you! :) 

Any 4 for £5

Im sure this isn't meant to be literal...saw it in Dundee on Perth Road and had to take a picture.

Quentin Blake drawing day at the DCA.

Piece: Smiley face
Media: Posca pen on vinyl 

I just popped into the DCA on the 10th of Oct. a good while ago now, to see what was going on and what it was all about. It was the Quentin Blake Drawing day at the DCA in Dundee. I ended up becoming entranced with some lovely jazz, dub,1920's stuff and other lovely French hip hop delights being provided by some Dj's on the decks.
I drew on some paper then this vinyl. It was great fun! Lots of kids and adults got involved which was lovely to see.

Rae out :)