Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Some pictures that i found and i liked.

some lovely pictures.

these photos are all taken by other people which i found on the website. its a great wee posting website, always find some lovely pictures.

hope you enjoy these as much as me.

thankyou :)

Monday, 16 February 2009


Some wee random sketches i did in some of my older sketch books.

Title: purple crown?
Media: coloured pencils.

Title: Broccoli head and i heart mud.
Media: Pencil and water-colour.

Title: Aff tae Bumff.
Media: pencil, photoshop clean up.

Drawn on the bus on a warm day.

David Galletly Project.

oops,i was meant to put this up ages ago! David Galletly came into the Art School and gave us a Talk about his work then set us a day brief. We were asked to draw a metaphor for something we felt like,but sort of sub verse it a bit as well. of either a our 5 favourite and least smells,sounds or feelings. 

I chose to do my feelings, there a lot easier to draw i think.

Title: (dislike) When people are getting Drunk around me.
Media: Pencil,photoshop tidy up

Title: (favourite thing) Riding no hands on a bicycle!
Media: Pencil,photoshop clean up.

I really enjoyed getting into this brief it was good fun, and he was a great guy to work with,lots of useful stuff to show us with his own work and also with regards to becoming a working illustrator also.

Thankyou :)


Title: Little cough.

Before the end of the semester before Xmas i had a rubbish cough and cold so i drew a little picture.

Media: pencil then photoshop coloured.