Sunday, 26 September 2010

Hello there,
Apologise for lack of poster (coming soon) jsut a wee note for those who are interested. I and Tim Courtney are Exhibiting jointly at the Belmont Picture House in Aberdeen. The works on show are a collection of present and past work. Please feel free to take a peak if you are around. The work is being displayed in the Bar Area downstairs from the Cinemas, the exhibitions runs from the 23rd Sept Until the 30th of October.

Another Cheeky wee note of interest - Check out Project Slogan Coffee Art House Currently Exhibiting Sarah J Stanley's Fine work. I had a peek in last Friday and it was absolutely work while going along.

Thankx for reading...Poster coming soon!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Dudhope community centre commision

Hello there, sorry I've not been putting many posts up ive been busy settling into my new flat and job. Also i don't have the internet yet in the flat to its difficult getting things put up.

The poster above was the original first rough draft but they preferred the poster below so this is the current design for the up coming events happening at Dudhope Centre Baratiya Ashram in Dundee.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Brave or invincible

the image above is the cover for the two images below.

some cassette tape sleeves that folded out into little booklets for Brave or Invincible record company mix tape. the images used are recycled bits and bobs from zines and things ive done before.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Codes in the Clouds poster

bird with a hart

'Bird with a hart' silk screen prints i made and sold at the
illustration degree show shop for £20 each.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Dundee Degree show exhibit

my Folio and exhibition piece for Dundee Degree-show
on display from the 22nd of May to the 30th of May.

Poppy Asher Bloom Book and Map in the Lower Foyer Gallery Space.

My folio in the Illustration Department Portfolio Room along the hallway.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Poppy Asher Bloom

Poppy Asher Bloom is a handmade Silk Screen single cut maze book. The story is about a girl called Poppy Asher Bloom who lives on Honeydew island.
The book looks at Agreeableness at its most extreme and what happens when this cycle is broken.

This book is currently in Duncan of Jordanstone art college in Dundee 2010 Degree-show.
To see the rest of my very talented class click on this like - Illustration class of 2010.

Photo's taken and edited by Tim Courtney.

Modern German Fairy Tale

This booklet was made for a brief given to our class at the start of 4th year. It was to create a modern German fairy tale....i didn't do so well with this brief with finding the modern part so instead created just a fairy tale about a boy who wishes on his eyelashes to the point of no return. In this book i was attempting to look at the weight problems can pose on us daily and the effects this can have.

Photo's taken and edited by Tim Courtney.

Final Florien Book

The books above are the final neat dummy i send away and had made by Blurb books. This Dummy book was for sending to the Macmillan children's book prize competition in march 2010.

Photo's taken and edited by Tim Courtney.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Backlog continued again...

This was a little x-change posting of art i made for a freind.

The image below is a Crest idea for Honeydew island.
Dweller Poster that is Currently in my
portfolio at the Dundee Degree-show.

Backlog continued

Business card idea that wasn't used.

the waltzers on Honeydew island a pencil drawing that
was going to become a silk screen-print.

The image below was submitted for a zine then
wasn't used. Its called ONE TON!

The Image below is one of an edition of Silk screen-printed Birds i created. Its called Heart bird, The drawing was taken from a dead bird and then silk screen printed with three different colours. I chose this method because i wanted to put a certain amount of life back into the bird again. This image is currently in my portfolio for the Dundee Degree-show. A new Edition of this bird has been created (image coming shortly) and can be bought for £20 from the Illustration Shop with the 3rd years kindly put together for us and did a brilliant job of. Thank-you to everyone who helped out!


Here starts a wee back-log of things ive created over the last while and not had time to post up

D&AD posters i submitted on 15th of march for 'Don't Panic' Poster composition the brief was to create an image that captured the word resistance dealing with social,gender, race, class etc Politics.

I chose the topics of gender and health for children.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Fun Fair Zine

Welcome to the Fair.

Recently i Collaborated with Lauren Gentry in creating a wee Zine all about the funfair. Its turned out marvellously, and it was great fun to make. The Zine will be going for £2 in Aberdeen's Project Slogan Studio Press Event Curated by Sarah J Stanley. and for all you Zine lovers the funfair will be making an appearance shortly at the the Big Top Jamboree In Dundee on the Monday the 17th of May at Drouthy's Basement.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Macmillan Book prize Colour page spreads.

For the Four Colour page spreads for Florien now on Flicker!

go here - Flicker

Thankyou :)

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Florien L'Emperuer Sneek peek.

The new and improved sneak peek of Florien L'Emperuer dummy book for the macmillan children's book prize competition. 

Spread 7 

Front and back cover.

Hoping to get this made in full colour shortly.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

New Bike!

My new Bike!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Admiration of artists....

These are some Artists that i have been looking at recently for inspiration in making my Artists books for my 4th year degree show piece.

is a collaboration between
Melanie Bush, Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design 
The University of Northampton, Uk.
Dr Emma Powell, Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design 
De Montfort University (Leicester),

This site has lots of artists books to look at from past events We love your books have done. Every year there is a brief and the chance to submit your book. Id like to do this one day soon! :D

The Piece of work below was from the site.

Non of the Above images are my personal work and are all linked with the Artists website where the work they do resides.

Sunday, 7 March 2010


Something to do Zine

'Something to do' Food Zine issue 2

(Gentry Press)

I was asked to contribute a piece of work for the 1st of march for the 'something to do' Food Zine Made in Dundee.

This is my Entry -
The cover -

The Contributors -

a BIG thank you to Gentry Press for Using my work in this months Zine all about lovely jubilee food!

Weekend making

These are some pictures of my studio space in uni

These are little artists books i made this weekend for practice binding and playing with text and size.

The book below is a rough concept dummy book for my 4th year project.
The book is based on a character called Mr. James Oliver West who is in love with a Woman called Oliva neive bloom who runs away with her true love Florien and breaks Mr. West's Heart.