Saturday, 8 May 2010

Fun Fair Zine

Welcome to the Fair.

Recently i Collaborated with Lauren Gentry in creating a wee Zine all about the funfair. Its turned out marvellously, and it was great fun to make. The Zine will be going for £2 in Aberdeen's Project Slogan Studio Press Event Curated by Sarah J Stanley. and for all you Zine lovers the funfair will be making an appearance shortly at the the Big Top Jamboree In Dundee on the Monday the 17th of May at Drouthy's Basement.

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Max Ivey said...

Hello; glad to hear you had so much fun with the project and the recognision has to feel good too. I have a place on my site for artists and artisans who specialize in the amusement industry. I'd be happy to give you a link there. thanks and keep up the good work, max