Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Backlog continued

Business card idea that wasn't used.

the waltzers on Honeydew island a pencil drawing that
was going to become a silk screen-print.

The image below was submitted for a zine then
wasn't used. Its called ONE TON!

The Image below is one of an edition of Silk screen-printed Birds i created. Its called Heart bird, The drawing was taken from a dead bird and then silk screen printed with three different colours. I chose this method because i wanted to put a certain amount of life back into the bird again. This image is currently in my portfolio for the Dundee Degree-show. A new Edition of this bird has been created (image coming shortly) and can be bought for £20 from the Illustration Shop with the 3rd years kindly put together for us and did a brilliant job of. Thank-you to everyone who helped out!

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