Saturday, 28 March 2009

Aberdeen is cold sometimes.

Lovely Aberdeen winter/spring was a bit cold. But off i went to sit in on a katerwaul recording.

while siting very still as not to make to much noise. I just doodled away and drew this while listening to Tim and Nick go through a song a few times.
It was a fun night listening to them do their thing, I enjoyed it very much, thank you for the many times they have let me sit in on them, its helped me many a time do do some good fun doodling.
:) hehe.

The coolest of pants!

Title: The pants week.
Medium: Pencil.

This is a picture that i did at a katerwaul practice/recording for the coolest of pants man himself!...i promised that i would post it for him. 
the general concept of this piece is all about how many cool pants, Mister cool pants can fit in/ wear in a single week. Some of these were artistically directed by the famous katerwaul drummer Nick Morrice

hope you enjoy. :)

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Bramble the badger

we just recently were asked to do our own self initiated projects for 3rd year, i chose to do a children's book about a little badger called Bamble. The story is very simple as i am not much of a one for writing things,but i did really enjoy getting stuck into some drawing. My book is now part of an exhibition entitled 'method' along with the rest of 3rd year.  
i also contributed some drawings for making the poster advertising our exhibition. hopefully i will get a chance to put this up on my blog at some point soon also.

for now, im glad to be getting on with a new project.

thankyou for reading. :)

Sunday, 8 March 2009

bits and bobs...things i forgot that i did.

A wee christmas present that i did for my best friend Kimberly. This was done aggges ago!

A roughly drawn out typography mess of a frog type thing. Not my best work, but still its all practice.

This photo is a little on the blurry side but i think you get the jist. its a little doodle i did for someone of a kazoo trumpet.

I was a bit bad and drew all over my old flat walls a while ago, they were covered in that yucky pink hand paintings before we moved in so i decided to add a little to them. they are  a bit rubbish but i think that it has encouraged other peoples doodles since. My flatmate at the time Carole added the text to some of them.