Sunday, 8 March 2009

bits and bobs...things i forgot that i did.

A wee christmas present that i did for my best friend Kimberly. This was done aggges ago!

A roughly drawn out typography mess of a frog type thing. Not my best work, but still its all practice.

This photo is a little on the blurry side but i think you get the jist. its a little doodle i did for someone of a kazoo trumpet.

I was a bit bad and drew all over my old flat walls a while ago, they were covered in that yucky pink hand paintings before we moved in so i decided to add a little to them. they are  a bit rubbish but i think that it has encouraged other peoples doodles since. My flatmate at the time Carole added the text to some of them.

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Carole Japp said... told me we were allowed to draw on the walls when we weren't - bad influence! x