Wednesday, 6 May 2009

drawings and things

life drawings.

ink,pastel and masking tape on an old box.

My summer project from last year...not nearly done. Its based on a child's escape from reality because of the the sins Gluttony and sloth which effected there growth. The outcome was that they developed the virtues of hope and Faith.

doodle of a wee kid with a flower.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Entrails Zeine

This was the cover of the new Entrails Zeine  issue 3 , released in the 1st of may 2009. Made in Aberdeen. 

I bumped into my freind Al recently who told me all about his new Zeine project that he is currently working on and we got chatting at a scabby Aberdonian bus stop. I asked him if i could maybe put work in and Al agreed he would take a look at this blog. To my absolute delight i saw my Illustration appear along side many other talented and inspiring individuals works. My illustration sat on page 13 along side the Very Talented Lizzy Stewart - one of my favourite illustrators so im feeling rather happy at the minute with that.

thankyou to all working with Entrails im very grateful to have contributed and i appreciate all the hard work that went into creating this issue its ace! keep up the good work!