Sunday, 30 November 2008

I do this alot

This one was drawn in my old flat in dundee, after making some pasta.I got into trouble for this one.

Any window with Condensation on it is like a magnet to me,I just love drawing on them, as a kid i always got told off for doing it,I realy should have learned by now but nope.

These are some pictures Tim took after i had a doodling session on his lucky he dosnt mind so much really. He might do though?  I realy enjoy drawing big and on things other than paper,I dont seem to find time to do it as often at the moment though.

Title: this is when your not looking.

Some Places i like and feel inspired.

Ashley Road Primary school.

Window in the stairs.

Union Terrace Gardens Aberdeen in the summer.

Tim's Flat.

Friday, 28 November 2008

George the Donkey and Mountains

This is the 3rd page for the book i have just about finished about a donkey who learns to be grateful for what he has. He is called George.I have a little more work to do on this i think.

Pencil,water colour, photoshop brush tool.

This was a drawing i did when i was doing research and development  for my Piano Mountain poster project.

pencil then in photoshop

title: mountain

Piano's and Crocodiles

This was a quick wee sketch i did for my Piano Mountain Screenprint poster project at the start of the semester i never ended up using this but i quite liked the image on its own.

Pencil Line drawing taken into Photoshop and coloured.

Title: Wonky Piano

This is a drawing i did while reaserching how to do my Editorial project on sperm donor babys and there relationships with their families. I was thinking along the lines of making it playful with the two mear cat type people being the parents/Siblings and the crocodile being the odd one out. This image never got used but i had fun playing around with it.

pen and pencil,water colour,collage on photoshop and brush tool in photoshop.

Title: mear cats and a crocodile.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Bon Bons Box

This is a sweet box i Designed for an Alice Melvin project i had at Uni a short while ago.

The sweet i was given was for Bon Bons. This was just a mock up box.

(Pencil drawings brought into photoshop)

Title: Sweets.

Forest and Halloween

This is just mark making really, i think it looks alot like Forest or something like clouds.

(Pencil, Tria pen)

title: Forest.

Cliché costume for Halloween i know but i was drawing in the back of my sketchbook again and trying to think of ideas for a costume.

(Pencil and water colour)

Title: Zombiee

The donkey Owner.

This is an idea i had for a Character for a little book I am Making in class at the moment about A donkey in a boat and his emotional journey of learning about how to be grateful for what he has.I wanted the donkey man to look like he was bursting through his little kiosk with greed.

Sorry about the untidiness of the image with the cut off text,Its just a little scrappy doodle.


Title: Donkey man.

Catch meee

This is my Little sloth day. I realy like Sloths they are amzing creatures.I was messing around with ideas in the Back of my sketchbook to do with feeling like something on a certain day.


Title : Catching Sloths.

False Position

Doodle in the back of my Current sketchbook. 


Title: False Positions. This image was just a little thought toward the idea of people wearing literal masks on the outside instead on masks on the inside.

Shirley,Hills and Such.

This is just a doodle i drew. This has been taken further and made into a screen print with mixed media also. 

(This image is just a pencil drawing.)

Title:  Its called Shirley after someone who was close to me. Its About always chasing your dreams.

Personal work i did in the back of my sketchbook. 


Title: Hills and Such.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Summer Community website project.

This is part of the website,Its an image of my House in Aberdeen. On the website The windows were buttons to other links. They were part of the Non-Linear narrative about community.

This is a map of a Coffee shop called Kilau in Aberdeen from part of my non-linear Community website,It was just one image that went into the flash based site that i work on with an Animation Student for Duncan of Jordanstone (Paul Boyd). For my awnser to the brief i looked at what my Community consisted of and i found that i meet alot of my friends in this place.

This was original a simple Pencil Line drawing then taken into photoshop and coloured.
It was created around febuary 2008.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Hello there.

Hi there, This is my 1st ever ever blog entry, My name is Rae Duncan a Baby illustrator at the moment really, Im just starting out at this so we shall see where it goes.Im dyslexic so i apolgise in advance for any grammar or spelling mistakes. But my lovely mac picks up alot of my mistakes so im hoping this will be fairly readable. 

Ok so a bit about me, I am currently studying in my 3rd year of illustration at Duncan Of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee Scotland, Im originally from the Granite city of Aberdeen...radiation a plenty oh yes.

With this blog im hoping to get some feedback on my work so that i may further my practic, Let people know what im doing,who may potentially be commissions and just anyone who happens to like my work or knows me in general.

anyways im off to do some work and will have something for you to peek at soon enough.