Friday, 28 November 2008

Piano's and Crocodiles

This was a quick wee sketch i did for my Piano Mountain Screenprint poster project at the start of the semester i never ended up using this but i quite liked the image on its own.

Pencil Line drawing taken into Photoshop and coloured.

Title: Wonky Piano

This is a drawing i did while reaserching how to do my Editorial project on sperm donor babys and there relationships with their families. I was thinking along the lines of making it playful with the two mear cat type people being the parents/Siblings and the crocodile being the odd one out. This image never got used but i had fun playing around with it.

pen and pencil,water colour,collage on photoshop and brush tool in photoshop.

Title: mear cats and a crocodile.

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Paperdoll Po said...

Hey rae! ur blogs awesome! love this illustration, you've got such an abstract wee mind! Po x