Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Children's School Desk, artists book.

I found this little children's school desk at the recycle centre in Dundee. Its just exactly the same as the one my dad found for me when i was a little girl. I would spend hours drawing at it, so i thought i might use it as part of my project for my 4th year self initiated project. I am currently working on an artists book looking at the the concepts of:

 what 'home' is to different people? 

why some people move around a lot and some don't?

What is home to you?

how many places have you lived?

feel free to comment on these questions. Thank you! :) 


Kathryn said...

Home is where you feel you belong. A place where I am always welcome

People move around because of circumstance. And then sometimes because they've moved about so often they become used to a sense of permanent transition - and they are happier when they feel like they are moving on.

I have lived in 11 buildings. Some of these felt like home; some of them did not.

AmyJ said...

Home is a safe place with your secrets.

People move around alot as they are curious and it's a good way to lose unwanted things and find things you like, some people aren't as curious and want to learn everything about where they are and like their things.

I have lived in i think 17 places maybe more, my counting and remembering are bad. :) I like your page now i found it :)