Thursday, 3 December 2009

your not alone

Something bad happened in my life recently. So as usual i drew a picture to try and vent it. I don't usually show the pictures i draw when feeling upset but i quite liked this one.
This picture is about someone close to me who has lost there way for now and is finding it hard to know that people around them care about them.


Ella said...

This is the same as Kathryn's boat in a bucket that she did last year.
How funny.

AmyJ said...

I really like this one, i think it is my favourite for now if thats okay? :)

lowercase__rain said...

I really like this one...thank you for sharing it with us since you say you don't normally! It's such a simple, quiet image but at the same time speaks volumes.

Ps.It's Jennifer Mck from 3rd yr fine art incase you weren't sure! :)