Thursday, 24 September 2009

The philipines.

The Philippines!

Sorry ive not put up anything in a while, I've been a bit busy with my dissertation and also being away on holiday. Some pictures of my adventures.

A dog that i met in cavete. It was a really hot day and near the end of the trip.

Topher and his Calamancie Juice, its a really nice citrus drink.

A man hard at work flagging people down to get on the bus.

Relaxing until the next fare in his side car.

A Jeepnie! Famous in the Philippines! this one is in manila. It costs around 7 peso's for a trip to where ever your stop is. Thats around 7 pence more or less in £'s.

These are some images from the Green belt in the Japanese gardens in Central Manila in the Business district of Makati. It was really beautiful there.

Tim's Dad Mark Courtney looking out from manila bay Gardens at a big thunder and Lightning storm rolling over Makati.

Food! was sooo yummy. This wasn't my plate, but i had to take a picture. Chicken and Pork Adobo was my favourite with sticky rice.

A view from a park we visited with Tim's family. It was called Tagaytay park and it looked out over a series of  island.

Rae Rae ken! - fit like min! Aberdonian coming out there.

A Beautiful old Spanish Building near the fort of Intramourous. (I think that i spelt that wrong) it was beautiful there lots of old very Spanish architecture.  

Manila Bay Gardens Condo where we stayed.

On the plane on the way to Amsterdam before i got Travel Sick.

Ok bye bye for now. Some drawing of the Philippines coming soon :)

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