Monday, 13 July 2009

summer pictures and things.

Hello! :)  Sorry I've not written anything on my blog for a while I've been a bit busy with trying to get my dissertation on track. Over the last 2 months or so off and on I've managed to take some pictures of things I've enjoyed.

the Flying Scotsman steam train ( i think) in Dundee.

Ice-creams with my flatmates from the Marble slab ice-cream parlour. Yum!

Muffins that i made. Not bad for my first time.

Rain on the camera lens.

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Johanne Cameron said...

Woohoo, new stuff new stuff!!!! I am liking your pictures a lot! :) I just like how they are all the nice things you've been up to and places you've visited. Also recogizing some of them! haha, my garden.....oh thnakyou sooo much for making me all famous and stuff! :D !!! ha
xxx keep on knipsing, knips knips, ping, picture!