Friday, 23 January 2009

Piano Mountain

Media: Screen Printed pieces A2 size.
done around the start of L3 so...about the beginning of September 

We were given two words randomly out of a hat to research, a place: Mountain, and an object: Piano. I went away and research both of these words and developed them into this. The idea of the brief was to create a poster convey both words as one image and text using no more than 2 to 3 colours. 

I was very inspired a lot by posters i had seen previously by Jason Munn who designs posters using screen printing along with other mediums,he has designed posters for people such as Josh Ritter (who's poster inspired me to create this piece), Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Death cab for cutie, Camera Obscura, explosions in the sky, Norah Jones, The shins and many more.  I love his prints because of the use of simple colours, lines and clever plays on word and image. 

go to : if you would like to see his work, i like it alot!

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